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T2C is dedicated to bringing you the best women safety training available.

Today crime is growing at a rapid rate whether it is due to the loss of jobs or just a lack of community responsibility. Many women are faced on a daily basis with being victimized. Many criminals assume women are a easy target which makes you vulnerable to deception, robbery or attack. Each year the statistics of crime on women rises while the crimes are more devastating resulting in loss of money, rape or even death. Many women become complacent and feel they know what to look for, this is what the predator realize on. Most victims have felt they would never be the victim in a crime.  Our program focuses on how to increase your security by teaching life saving techniques in just a few hours. We assist you in creating an awareness which helps you become safer, more aware and can save your life.

Name : How Not To Be a Victim Course For Women

Short Description : Teaches the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude for becoming Safe and Secure in your environment .

More Details: This course is designed to cover real life dangers of being a young to elderly women. Students learn principles creating a safety zone, designing a home security plan, identification of predators,  automobile safety, digital theft awareness and more...

This course consist of detailed hands on training which requires some minimal physical contact and include total student participation. This course addresses adult content parental discretion is suggested. Teenagers are welcome with approval of parent or guardian.

This is Not a Firearms Training Class