Welcome to T2C's Shoot Don't Shoot Training!

T2C is dedicated to bringing you the best firearms training available.

T2C is excited to offer a highly effective form of training using our  Shoot Don't Shoot digital simulation range. Our simulated experience isn't designed for entertainment purposes like the Zombie arcade simulators. Our simulated shooting experience is designed to help you with multiple issues from holster draw practice to helping you enhances your decision making skills teaching you how to recognize a Shoot or Don't Shoot situation.

Name : T2C's Shoot Don't Shoot Course

Short Description : Teaches the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude for a Shoot Don't Shoot situation .

More Details: This is designed to cover real life threats. Students learn principles rapid judgment, identification of hostile threat,  holster draw practice and more...

This course consist of hands on simulated shooting training.

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Call for Appointment  Cost $60.00 for half hour